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Should You Discuss Politics At Thanksgiving?

Political discussion is our duty

It ruins the meal for all involved

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We should all stop trying to avoid politics during Thanksgiving and embrace that the topic will arise one way or another, infers David A. Graham of The Atlantic. Only when it does every discussion members should make an effort to keep their words civil. Especially over the rise of Trump politics are more relevant than ever in Americans’ daily lives. Political discourse can be a great way to bond and reach family members in the middle over certain topics. Few things are as educational as these kinds of dialogues, which can result in people seeing things from a different perspective. Without name calling and fingerpointing, they can be extremely productive.

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Thanksgiving is about togetherness, away from the tension and bickering that political subjects are guaranteed to include, holds David Thornton of The Maven. Most Americans don’t want to talk about politics during this family event. People use them to name call and judge each other needlessly. No one changes their political views through such a negative discussion. We should use Thanksgiving to bond, to find the few but special things that unite us and be thankful for what we have. Whatever may be wrong in the world, there is always something to be grateful for. That is was Thanksgiving is about, not being condescending towards and provoking each other.

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