Is donating to the Red Cross helpful for Harvey victims?

Red Cross supports Harvey victims

It has proven highly ineffective in the past

 Getty: Joe Raedle / Staff

The Red Cross is a major effective contributor of aid to Hurricane Harvey victims. To take part in helping them, people should donate to the organization, infers Margaret Chadbourn of WCBD News 2. The hurricane has battered Texas with floods and storms, leaving many people trapped in their homes. They are in need of evacuation, an effort that 53 members of the Red Cross are supporting. It has also sent four emergency response vehicles from South Carolina. Hurricane Harvey’s damage will have long-lasting effects that will require continued attention. The final clean up, to which the Red Cross is contributing, will be slow and costly.

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In the past, the Red Cross has raised hundreds of millions of dollars, much of which still hasn’t been spent or allocated to help disaster victims. Its lack of transparency about where exactly these funds end up makes this organization undeserving of further donations, holds Jonathan M. Katz of Slate. The Red Cross has a unique reputation that makes it a large recipient of funds, but unlike other groups, it doesn’t cap them after it raises more than what it can use effectively. The best method in fighting these kinds of disasters is to prevent them from happening to begin with, by tackling their most likely cause, climate change.

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