Do Guns maker America more dangerous — or safer?

We need to realize the risk of guns

Guns make Americans safer

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The American obsession with guns as a symbol of freedom and personal liberty in the face of government oppression is flawed and poisonous for the country, suggests Elizabeth Bruenig of The Washington Post. Being “free” for the sake of being “free” results in a gun-owning populace that feels more independent at the cost of far too many lives. The extremely high number of guns in the country is not necessary to guarantee the liberty of our people. Yet too people many rigidly oppose any form of even slight gun regulation. America needs to move beyond this obsession for owning incredibly deadly weapons and realize that freedom goes beyond this.

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If the presence of guns in American society were more widespread, a huge amount of atrocities could have been prevented, argues John R. Lott of Fox News. The mainstream media has consistently put guns and gun owners in a bad light while ignoring the many cases where Americans with guns managed to stop horrible tragedies from getting even worse. One such hero was Stephen Willeford, who prevented the Sutherland Springs shooter from finishing off the 20 people that were wounded. The left-wing assault on all things gun-related deeply misunderstands guns and their value in maintaining security and stopping crimes.

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