How Should We View Ireland’s New Stance On Abortion?

It's a huge victory for women's rights

It violates the rights of unborn babies

 Getty: Jeff J Mitchell / Staff

The Irish referendum to legalize abortion is a huge victory for women, giving them the choice of what to do with their bodies, infers The Guardian in an Observer editorial. Women in Ireland will no longer have to face an expensive journey abroad, a dangerous illegal procedure or the prospect of carrying out pregnancies that, in some cases, were conceived with rape. The country’s transformation is ideological and not just generational. Even voters above 65 overwhelmingly supported legalizing abortion. Ireland is undoing the church’s influence on its laws. It also sets an example for other countries, where much can still be done for women’s rights.

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Ireland’s decision to repeal its Eight Amendment, which bars abortion, is a step back in terms of defending the sanctify of life, argues the Washington Examiner in an editorial. A government should strive to defend all of its citizens, even the unborn. At their most defenseless, it is these human lives that require protection. The assertion that this is a compassionate move is mistaken. Ireland’s law was a good thing. It upheld a culture that honored mothers and their children. Pregnant women got better care in Ireland than almost anywhere else. This is not about religion but about the rights of the voiceless babies who deserve to live.

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