Is Masculinity toxic?

It is the cause of sexual abuse

Blaming masculinity is erroneous

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Clearly not all men are bad people. However, the recent sexual assaults by powerful men highlight the way that toxic masculinity manifests itself in terrible misdeeds, asserts Sally Kohn of CNN. Our society has glamorized and glorified men that dominate women and other men. From being dismissive to downright sexually abusive, such behavior is often seen as a symbol of strength that is not just natural but even sexy. However, it is damaging. Toxic masculinity also dismisses the pain of boys and men, telling them they can’t cry or show emotion. We need to get rid of the attitudes that make abusive behavior desirable.

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While the recent wave of sexual abuses by men is disgusting and horrifying, the problem is not masculinity, believes Ned Ryun of American Greatness. It has been the push over the second half of the 20th century, away from traditional values, that has created the likes of Louis CK and Harvey Weinstein. Honor, loyalty to one’s spouse, and respecting women have all been degraded over the years. The commodification of sex and objectification of women in film and pornography has twisted the male view of women. Society should teach its boys traditional values of honorable masculinity in order to tackle these profound issues.

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