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Is Melania Trump’s Public Absence Significant?

She had surgery & took time off

Her absence is unusually long

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Melania Trump has been absent from public view since May 10 due to the kidney surgery she had on May 14, reports Angela Chen of Bustle. Even though her lack of public appearances has birthed several conspiracy theories, her absence is entirely normal since she was hospitalized for almost a week. Some rumors suggest that she moved out of the White House or went to live in New York again, but these are unsubstantiated. Mrs. Trump made the decision to stay out of the public eye for this time willingly. After she made several big appearances, it is natural that people expected more of her, but the conspiracy theories about her aren't legitimate.

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The first lady’s long public absence is unusual and can’t fully be explained by the kidney surgery she recently had, suggests Amanda Arnold of The Cut. She hasn’t been seen publicly for over three weeks now. On May 14, she underwent surgery but was welcomed back to the White House on May 19 by her husband on Twitter. Since then, she has allegedly been working on her campaigns to fight online bullying and America’s opioid epidemic, having had several closed meetings. Many have wondered whether marital troubles or even plastic surgery are the true reason for her absence. Either way, such a long public disappearance was bound to raise some eyebrows.

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