Is The Christmas Song “Baby It’s Cold Outside” Sexist?

It is creepy and should be banned

It actually subtly empowers women

 Getty: Matt Cardy / Stringer

Frank Loesser’s Christmas classic “Baby It’s Cold Outside” has been banned from several radio stations because it subtly glorifies sexual harassment, asserts Renée Graham of The Boston Globe. The man in the song pressures the woman into drinking more and doing everything he can to keep her from leaving, even prompting her to ask “what’s in this drink.” Calls of over-sensitivity are indicative of an older generation that doesn’t want to look at the subtle yet ugly messages of such sentimental songs. Many classics from this era were truly great and sung beautifully, but today’s society realizes that they carry subtle sexist and problematic messages.

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“Baby, It’s Cold Outside,” the Christmas song by Frank Loesser, is not as sexist as some portray it as, holds Chris William of Variety. While it appears that the woman in the song is being pestered by the man, they actually appear to be on good terms. Her saying “no” as he pesters her is representative of an era where women weren’t allowed to say “yes.” These words indicate a fear of what others would think if she just said “yes.” This is an accurate portrayal of a society where women were expected to cage their sexuality and remain "pure." She goes along with it, putting up enough resistance to say “she tried” before doing what she really wants to.

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