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Should it be legal for women to go topless in public?

Women should be allowed to go topless

No, it's quite different than topless men

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Society’s sexualization and objectification of women is the main reason that their going topless is still taboo, which needs to change, holds Olivia Fleming of Harper’s Bazaar. Every baby has a healthy relationship with breasts and nipples from birth. Children being scandalized by topless women is taught to them by their parents. Telling girls that they need to cover up when boys can go shirtless inherently imposes the idea that their bodies are somehow ‘wrong’ or shameful. Children that grow up exposed to parental nudity tend to have a more body-positive image of themselves. It is archaic to demonize women’s bodies this way.

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Women going topless is inherently different than men doing so, argues Jacque Thornton of Kitsapp Daily News. The inescapable biological differences between men and women can still be celebrated without the need to display it in public areas. Calling this a major women’s issue is somewhat insulting to the real inequalities they face, such as getting paid less than male counterparts. Hiding women’s breasts can be a pleasantly mystifying thing. Society needs to accept that there are fundamental differences between men’s and women’s bodies that we can’t change. Women having breast that are alluring is one of them.

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