Is #MeToo Hampering Flirting And Sex?

It is killing the fun in flirting and sex

It has not ruined flirting or sex

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The #MeToo campaign has turned a positive movement of fighting sexual harassment into a witch hunt based only loosely on facts that seek to limit the playfulness that makes flirting fun and enticing, suggests Daphne Merkin in The New York Times. The way that people communicate sexual interest in each other can take many forms. When a man makes advances on a woman, the initial engagement tends to happen without clear consent. Flirtatious exchanges can include some degree of acceptable forcefulness. The lines get blurry; #MeToo should understand this and abstain from seeing harassment where there is none.

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Sex and flirting have not been ruined or sterilized by #MeToo activism, holds Christina Cauterucci of Slate. The notion that sex and flirting rely on a certain suspension of consent is deeply erroneous. It is not unsexy to ensure that a potential sexual partner is fully on board before pursuing them. Critics of #MeToo may refer to a type of sex that happens without many words, which some might deem more appealing, but the thrill of intercourse isn’t killed by establishing consent. #MeToo certainly has its flaws; judgment should directly relate to the severity of a crime. However, flirting and sex don’t rely on borderline sexual harassment to be fun.

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