Is Nordstrom wrong to sell muddy jeans for $425?

Nordstrom's muddy jeans are hugely elitist

They show admiration for middle class

 Getty: Joe Raedle / Staff

Nordstrom selling mud-caked jeans for $425 is deceptive and highly out of touch, writes David Vinjamuri of Forbes. He infers that this represents everything that is wrong with elitist fashion brands, as well as their customers. The luxury retailer has undermined its customers’ trust in its brand by peddling a product that makes it affluent wearer look like they worked in the mud, an effect that can be easily recreated. The fact that people are willing to spend such an amount on a product that is designed to make them look dirty highlights how easily customers trust brands by buying anything that they are told to.

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The fact that the wealthy are buying clothes that make them look more working class is a form of admiration, speculates Philip Wegmann of Washington Examiner. He conveys that this signals a move away from trying to show off wealth with fancy clothes to a fondness for seeming rugged and down-to-earth. The jeans weren’t meant to be marketed to the average consumer for whom they are obviously out-of-budget. Rather than mocking middle class culture, it’s an admission of the elite’s esteem for values such as ruggedness and masculinity. Wegmann concludes this imitation is simply an unusual form of flattery.

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