Has the post-Weinstein backlash gone too far?

We need to continue ousting harassers

It's not all entirely black and white

 Getty: Alexandra Wyman / Staff

The notion that the post-Weinstein backlash against sexual harassment has gone too far is completely wrong, argues Caitlin Flanagan of The Atlantic. Terms like “witch hunt,” “sex panic” or “war on sex” carry the connotation that punishing the nonconsensual touching of female bodies is overreacting. Somehow, the idea that society has gone too far in punishing harassers has emerged. This is not the case. Saying so furthers the concept that women who speak up are somehow frigid, bitter or overly sensitive, which seems to be deeply ingrained in our views. But that’s not how it is, every bit of abuse needs to be punished to the extent of its severity.

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The recent trend of toppling powerful men that sexually harassed women forgets the nuance that these situations and the whole surrounding conversation contain, proclaims Michelle Goldberg of The New York Times. There are many levels of severity between the abuses of Harvey Weinstein and Al Franken. The latter in particular creates a dilemma. Franken has been an ally of women in terms of legislation and political action, so pushing him out for his misdeeds might leave a hole in the movement for women’s rights. Meanwhile, the GOP enjoys the Democrat infighting while taking zero action. Going forward, we need to weigh all aspects of a man’s character.

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