Should It Be Easier Or Harder To Get Abortions?

Abortion laws should be more restrictive

It should be women who get to choose

 Unsplash: Maria Oswalt

There is a good reason why some vouch for more restrictive abortion laws, writes Lila Rose, opinion contributor in The Hill. Going through the procedure can be traumatic, as it shows how human the aborted fetuses appear to be, even though they aren’t always deemed as such. With body parts and a heartbeat, these fetuses should not be allowed to be terminated so easily. Those with medical experience with premature babies understand that they are far more than just a collection of cells. While women definitely deserve a choice over what happens with their body and child, we also need to consider the ethical qualms of doctors who need to perform abortions.

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The current effort to make abortions harder to perform in the US goes much too far, believes Sarah Jones of New York Magazine. Much of it centers around the personhood of fetuses while ignoring that of the pregnant woman. Forcing women to bear the children of rapists is incredibly cruel and cannot be seen as the greater good. Women should be able to make these decisions for themselves, it is their lives that are changed permanently by having children. Even those who aren’t the victim of rape should have the right to decide if they want to become mothers. America needs to protect its women from repressive abortion laws that can ruin lives.

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