Should The Statute Of Limitations Be Removed For Rape?

They can help get more evidence

Victims need time to come forward

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The statute of limitations is crucial in making sure that trials are done in a fair and scientific manner, holds Elizabeth Nolan Brown of Reason. The quicker a crime is reported, the more evidence can be gathered to prove or disprove it. Witnesses, camera footage, receipts, and much more are best assembled shortly after an alleged crime, not months or years later. Even relying on DNA samples is unreliable on its own. There are many examples of mistakes in DNA analysis leading to flawed verdicts. The statute of limitations encourages victims to come forward right away so that as much evidence as possible can be gathered to best enact justice.

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It would be better for justice if the statute of limitations for rape and similar crimes was removed, asserts Emily Shugerman of Revelist. It is important for victims of sexual crimes to be able to come forward, even long after the crime has happened. Sixty-five percent of sexual assault victims never speak out due to many factors, such as shame or pressure from society. Demanding that victims come forward quickly is not the best path to ensure that sexual crimes are punished. Victims should be given the time they need to recover from any trauma and prepare for an accusation and potential trial that can be incredibly draining. This would promote justice best.

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