Are smartphones bad for our youth?

Smartphones' danger is overblown

They can give kids severe issues

 Getty: Sean Gallup / Staff

Smartphones’ downsides are vastly outshined by their upsides and contribute to our lives in several positive ways, believes Andjela Ergic of ECU Daily. The idea that young people’s lives are being taken over by their devices is exaggerated and overly pessimistic. The emergence of smartphones has so improved everyday tasks that our prolonged use of them is entirely natural. Clearly excessive use should be avoided, but outright judgement for individuals staring at their screens ignores the potential for education or communication that they might be engaging in. We shouldn’t worry about our children using this wonderful technology.

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The increasing prevalence of smartphones in young people’s lives can be linked to a worryingly large amount of health and social setbacks, argues Jean M. Twenge of The Atlantic. Depression, sleep-deprivation, feelings of alienation and anxiety are some of many issues caused by smartphones. Children that grow up with them often don’t have the filters to limit their smartphone use, resulting in them getting absorbed in the digital world. This can be a pleasant distraction, but leads to drastic aftereffects. Their dependency has been shown to increase suicide rates among youths. Smartphones are drastically warping the human experience.

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