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Why did SNL avoid covering the Weinstein scandal?

SNL was trying to protect him

They wanted to, it wasn't funny enough

 Getty: Araya Diaz / Stringer

Saturday Night Live showed their partisanship by strangely not covering the Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment scandal, holds Kate Maltby of CNN. The show’s executive producer justified this by claiming that the story is “a New York thing,” which is dubious considering Weinstein’s high profile. This strongly contrasts with its extensive coverage of Trump and his questionable words about women. In matters of sexual harassment politics shouldn't affect how much coverage the crime gets. It is highly disappointing to see SNL and other late night shows avoid the topic due to Weinstein’s sway and liberal ideology.

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SNL had jokes written about the Weinstein scandal but chose to omit them from the program due to their lacking success with the studio audience, reveals Dave Itzkoff of The New York Times. The show wasn’t trying to avoid the topic due to his sway in the media or political stance. In fact, this weekend’s episode focused on the shooting in Las Vegas, with a performance by Jason Aldean whose performance was halted by the attack. The reference to this story being “a New York thing” simply suggested that this story might not appeal to a nation-wide audience. This omission has been strongly overblown in the media.

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