After Texas, should we consider tougher Gun Control?

Now is the time for stricter gun control

Harsher gun control won't solve this issue

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The Republican inaction after mass shootings has gone on for too long; we need to address gun control now, writes the Editorial Board of The New York Times. If it is too soon to respond to 26 people being killed while worshipping in Texas, then perhaps we should address past shootings in Sandy Hook or Orlando if time is what matters. Our nation is plagued by a unique problem that GOP lawmakers repeatedly refuse to address. Thoughts and prayers are no longer enough, as the cause of the issue is clearly not being addressed. We need to look past partisan lines and do the right thing to prevent these horrors from happening again.

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The liberal response to the shooting in Texas, to push for harsher gun laws even more, is wrong and would not solve the problem, believes Justin Haskins of Townhall. States with the loosest gun laws also see some of the lowest gun violence in the country. Limiting the rights of legal and law-abiding firearm owners would have little effect on violence. In fact, these people are often able to prevent crimes from happening or limit their severity. Increasing security measures in venues that people gather at would be one productive step, as would limiting the illegal sale of guns. Tighter restrictions don’t address the deeper issue.

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