Does Trump’s tweet show that he’s sexist?

Trump's tweet proves his misogynistic mindset

It's only meant to distract from health care

 Getty: Stephen Lovekin / Staff

Trump’s tweet, aimed at undermining Morning Joe host Mika Brzezinski for having apparently bled after facial surgery, underlined his reductive view of women, suggests Michelle Goldberg of Slate. It was an attempt to attack her primarily from a physical standpoint, portraying her as grotesque. This indicates a worldview where women are primarily judged for their physical characteristics. The president hasn’t been shy to comment on women’s bodies, from his own daughter’s to an Irish journalist more recently. His tweet mirrors past spats with women, which have indicated a generally dismissive view of women.

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The president’s tweet directed at Mika Brzezinski, was first and foremost an attempt to distract the media from the GOP’s attempt to pass its highly unpopular health care bill, holds Drew Salisbury of Death and Taxes Magazine. It’s goal was to generate further headlines elsewhere so that the Republicans can work away from the spotlight. While spiteful, reading deeply into the tweet is counterproductive as it is exactly what Trump wanted. His first and foremost priority remains the passing of Trumpcare. Millions of Americans losing their health care remains a far more urgent matter than the president’s tweets.

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