Should the US legalize weed?

Its real danger is underestimated

Legalization would yield many benefits

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The increased presence of cannabis in American society has already shown that it bears several negative effects, infers Katy Grimes of Canada Free Press. Car crashes due to driving while high have gone up significantly over recent years. The number of people under the influence of cannabis being hospitalized is also growing. Teens that consume it are 60% less likely to graduate college and seven times more likely to kill themselves, according to one study. There is three times as much tar in cannabis smoke as in tobacco smoke. Advocates of legalization too often look past the numerous health hazards that the drug comes with.

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The negative image that cannabis has is outdated and ignores the drug’s incredible potential in helping our society, writes Jesse Ventura in Salon. From treating seizures, cancer and other medical conditions to creating jobs and higher tax revenues, we learn more about its qualities every day. The war on drugs is highly antiquated and costly, resulting in needless suffering. Cartels benefit from it being illegal while non-violent Americans get locked up for consuming it. Legalizing the drug would solve countless problems. Cannabis is no less dangerous than alcohol is. The sooner the country realizes this, the better for all involved.

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