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Was Bill Cosby’s Release From Jail Justified?

This is a major injustice to his victims

It may seem harsh, but this is the law

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The release of serial rapist Bill Cosby over a technicality is a vicious insult to victims of sexual abuse, believes Moira Donegan of The Guardian. A man of his stature being convicted shows all of us that rape is a crime and will be punished. However, his being a free man again undoes that message. Sixty women have come forward, accusing Cosby of sexually assaulting them. For reasons such as statutes of limitations being passed, most of their cases will go nowhere. His jailing vindicated them. Now, like most victims of sexual assault, a majority of whom don't speak out, they know that the system won't give them justice.

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As painful as it must be for his many victims, the court was right to overturn Bill Cosby's conviction, holds Njeri Mathis Rutledge of USA Today. A prosecutor's role is not merely to convict but to ensure that justice is served. The prosecution in Cosby's case made a deal with him that he would only face a civil lawsuit, resulting in him making several major admissions that he would not have made otherwise. Cosby's ensuing criminal conviction, infringing on this deal, therefore violated his right to due process. While this may feel unfair to many, our justice system relies on these rules to maintain fairness and justice for everyone.

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