Was the Supreme Court Right In Its Cake Shop Verdict?

This decision hurts LGBT people

It protects religious freedom

 Getty: Chip Somodevilla / Staff

The Supreme Court’s decision to side with a cake shop over its refusal to bake a cake for a gay wedding is a loss for gay rights, believes Jennifer Finney Boylan of The New York Times. LGBT people face discrimination in countless forms in the US. A way to combat this would be to amend the Constitution in a way that definitively forbids the discrimination against people based on their gender identity and sexuality. The Supreme Court’s verdict is a defeat for gay people and their right to equality. It is part of the larger American issue of recognizing that their rights are incomplete. The LGBT community must be protected better than it is today.

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The Supreme Court’s verdict to protect a cake shop’s right to religious freedom is a victory for personal rights in the US, asserts Kristen Waggoner of Fox News. Baker Jack Phillips should not be forced to prepare a cake for a ceremony that goes against his religious values. The gay couple that requested a cake for their marriage was not denied service based on their sexuality; he would have provided them any other service that wasn’t explicitly part of something that went against his beliefs. Phillips’ marriage ideals are legitimate and should not be squashed to appease others. The Supreme Court was right to uphold his rights in this case.

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