Older generations hold back Millenians

Millennials lack the purpose to succeed

 Getty: Andreas Rentz / Staff

Today’s world is run by older generations that hoard jobs and housing, which keeps Millennials down suggests The Economist. Most countries make it difficult to fire and hire people, meaning that getting a foot in the door is harder for those without experience. Those with it manage to hold onto their jobs longer. Homeownership has also been monopolized by older generations. They push for regulation to reduce the construction of new homes, which drives up rent prices. Young people at the beginning of their careers suffer because of this. The way the current job and housing systems work prevents Millenials from kick-starting their success.

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Millennials' sheltered upbringing hasn't given them the perseverance that is needed in modern jobs, believes Simon Sinek. This is not necessarily due to faults of their own. Overprotective helicopter parents, participation trophies and instant gratification through social media have given them a sheltered sense of the world. Sinek asserts that when they try things and fail, they are more likely to become disillusioned. Social media has encouraged escapism by offering a numbing distraction. Rather than focusing on short-term gains modern businesses should gear themselves towards Millennials' many skills and allow them to bloom.

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