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How accurate is ‘Fire and Fury’?

It's an accurate view of Trump

It's closer to fiction than fact

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In his book “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House,” Michael Wolff paints an accurate picture of President Trump, which matches information the public already knows about him, asserts Michael D’Antonio of CNN. Some of the most dramatic claims can be easily backed up because Steve Bannon, the source used in the book, doesn’t deny them. Wolff writes about the volatile nature of Trump and his advisors in ways that match their known behavior and actions. Several of those close to Trump sought to use him to grow their own power, while trash-talking him behind his back. The book is a highly revealing insight into what happens in the White House.

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The way that Michael Wolff writes about President Trump, with many factual errors, means his book should be taken with a grain of salt, infers Annalisa Quinn of NPR. It appears that the book seeks to feed liberals’ desire to believe that Trump’s administration is highly chaotic. Wolff getting details wrong on stories that are publicly known loses him credibility with many of his claims. His theatrical writing style makes the book seem more fictitious rather than journalistic. Literally mocking the overly literal writing of the New York Times seems to indicate a loose loyalty to fact-checked reporting. The book shouldn’t be taken too seriously.

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