Should Al Franken Resign?

Al Franken needs to resign

He deserves to continue his job

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U.S. Senator Al Franken’s recently revealed actions of sexual harrassment are unforgivable, believes Mark Joseph Stern of Slate. Democrats should stay true to their values and make an example of Franken by asking him to resign. This kind of behavior should not be tolerated of someone in his position. Even though he has apologized and signaled that he wants to grow from this, his days in the Democratic Party should be numbered. Having blasted Alabama politician Roy Moore for his alleged actions, the party must show that sexual harrassment and assault is in intolerable on either side of the aisle. Anything else would rob Democrats of their credibility and set back the campaign to punish sexual harassers.

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Al Franken is a good politician whose distinguished career shouldn't end because of sexual harassment allegations that he has since confessed to and apologized for, holds Joan Walsh of The Nation. His actions were disgusting and wrong, but the current Republican campaign to equate them to the alleged crimes of Alabama politician Roy Moore, who unlike Franken has denied everything, is over the top. Moore is accused of assaulting nine teenagers. Meanwhile, Franken's own victim has since accepted his apology and doesn't want him to step down. Unless he committed further misdeeds that have yet to surface, he should be able to continue working in the Senate.

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