Is Antifa as Dangerous as the Alt-Right?

Far right more dangerous than Antifa

Actually, Antifa is the more violent group

 Getty: Chip Somodevilla / Staff

Saying that Antifa is as bad as neo-Nazis is a false equivalency that downplays the severity of the latter’s ideology and dangerousness, infers Linda Qiu of The New York Times. The violence of anti-fascists, while wrong, is not as bad as domestic terrorism. The movement associated with anti-government and right-wing ideals is still a much bigger threat to American security. Their members have killed and injured far more people than Antifa members have. One study suggests that right-wing groups are more likely to engage in physical violence while left-wing groups are more likely to engage in property damage.

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The notion that all Alt-Right protesters in Charlottesville were dangerous bigots ignores the Antifa members that sought them out to fight them, writes Chris Pandolfo of Conservative Review. The way that the liberal media has reported recent events overly paints Trump supporters as militant racists that caused violence, which isn’t the case. Antifa has long engaged in violent and belligerent tactics, which contributed to the clashes in Charlottesville. They go to right-wing protests with the intention to cause harm to Alt-Right members. The idea that they are simply peaceful counter-protesters is highly flawed.

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