Are Calls To Defund The Police Justified?

We must reform, not defund the police

Defunding the police is key for progress

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Defunding the police is not the answer to America's complicated policing problem, holds Robert Verbruggen of National Review. Lowering the police's capabilities will result in an increase in crime that nobody wants. We need to improve their training with a focus on de-escalation. Additionally, we need to reform the current system that lets bad cops off the hook far too easily. If not, they will lose their legitimacy, and further incidents of malpractice will erode public trust and invite more protests. Policies like qualified immunity need to be revised as they often protect police officers that break the law. A well-funded, well-trained, transparent and accountable police force is the way forward.

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It is time to have a serious talk about defunding the police, believes Christy E. Lopez of The Washington Post. This doesn't mean abolishing it; nobody wants that and police continue to serve an important role in society. However, reforming the police is no longer enough. The core issue is that Americans have become far too reliant on cops to solve everyday issues. Defunding the police means giving some of their funding to mental health and violence interruption programs instead. Community mediation that seeks to help individuals first is essential. The police can be part of this future, but its current presence in everyday American life must be reduced.

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