Are Dems Or The GOP Acting More Partisan Over Kavanaugh?

Republicans are hiding his past

Dems are tarnishing his reputation

 Getty: Chip Somodevilla / Staff

Republicans are acting out of sheer partisanship by hiding Brett Kavanaugh’s records from the Senate that will decide whether he becomes a Supreme Court Justice, writes the editorial board of The New York Times. This information particularly pertains to his time as a White House staff secretary within the Bush administration. His role in highly controversial wiretapping and torture programs may be crucial in determining how fit he is to serve for life. Republicans are ensuring that millions of these vital documents are hidden from public view. This will prevent Senators from fully understanding what kind of a person he is, which the GOP likely wants.

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Democrats are pulling every trick in the book to demonize Brett Kavanaugh before his Supreme Court nomination hearing, asserts Penny Young Nance of Fox News. They have tried to smear him as an anti-abortion zealot as well as someone who hates women. A highly qualified judge, he has all the qualities needed to sit on the Supreme Court. He also has a strong record of supporting women and women’s rights. Democrats, comedians, Planned Parenthood and other left-wing entities have done what they could to make him seem evil, when this is far from the truth. Respected among colleagues in the law sector, Kavanaugh is an excellent Supreme Court nominee.

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