Was an artist placing a peeing dog statue next to Fearless Girl justified?

Dog statue peeing on Fearless Girl is degrading

Fearless Girl's superficiality merits it

 Getty: Drew Angerer / Staff

A peeing dog statue being placed next to the Fearless Girl statue on Wall Street is another example of men not being able to tolerate women expressing strength and self-assurance, suggests Jennifer Wright of Harper’s Bazaar. The backlash to the Fearless Girl statue is representative that female voices are suppressed in our society. The statue’s intent was ultimately to inspire women, particularly in male-dominated finance jobs. Having an assertive female statue goes against patriarchal ideals, which is, in turn, silenced. The dog statue peeing on Fearless Girl is another example of women suffering for standing up for what they believe in.

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Alex Gardega, the artist who placed a peeing dog statue next to New York’s Fearless Girl, did so in protest to the latter violating the original artistic meaning of the Charging Bull statue, reports Patrick Coffee of Adweek. Gardega argues that Fearless Girl is a corporate stunt that doesn’t deserve the support it has gotten. As a supporter of women’s rights himself, he doesn’t believe the statue represents genuine political action but rather a marketing effort that makes use of feminism. The peeing dog statue is a form of artistic protest again Fearless Girl warping Charging Bull into an oppressive symbol that she is standing up to.

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