Trump Jr.'s behavior cannot be excused

Media campaign against him is biased

 Getty: Pool / Pool

Donald Trump Jr. meeting with a Russian lawyer transgressed many lines, whether they be legal or ethical. The excuses made to defend him ignore the severity of the situation, asserts William Saletan of Slate. Excuses like him not actually getting sensitive information or this being legal as well as standard campaign procedure ignore the severity of Trump Jr.’s actions. Evoking the aid of a foreign government to swing an election is a grave offense and questions the Trump family’s ties to Russia. This kind of behavior has facilitated Russian interference in American politics and undermined the whole country.

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There is no proof that Trump Jr. committed a crime, which the media ignores, while fueling a partisan attack on the president and his family, argues Michael Goodwin. Particularly the fact that no damning information was exchanged should have put the story to bed long ago. Russia simply didn't have an effect on the election. Furthermore collusion is only possible if the participant is willing, and all the proof points towards Trump Jr.’s innocence in that matter. However a deep set resentment of the president has cemented the media’s position, which will continue to dig into this story no matter what.

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