Is Brexit looking good for Britain, or not?

Brexit will hurt Britain's economy

Actually, it will benefit everyone

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One way or another, the UK will find itself in a huge mess once Brexit goes through, asserts Alex Hudson of Metro. The current negotiations to establish a post-Brexit trade partnership with the EU will almost certainly leave the British with a worse deal. And if it doesn’t go through, one supermarket chain estimated that the prices of its goods would go up by 22%. Any new agreement will not be as favorable as the one EU members get. In order to continue trading with Europe, the UK will have to pay an estimated $23.8bn (£18.1bn) a year. Brexit and the huge uncertainty surrounding it are going to hit the British economy hard.

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Brexit is going to both benefit the UK as well as the EU, holds Keir Starmer of the Guardian. The former will be able to negotiate better trade deals with countries across the globe while the latter will no longer have a non-willing member that drags its feet on any given issue. Instead of being obliged to agree to certain terms, both parties will agree on deals out of mutual interest. Rather than being forced into matters by losing a vote in the EU’s council, the UK will have the option to choose and decide for itself. Through negotiation, a better deal will be established that is tailored towards both sides, reflecting either’s best interests.

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