What does China’s new aircraft carrier signify?

China's new carrier tests US dominance

China's navy is still far behind the US

 Getty: Feng Li / Staff

China is standing up to US naval dominance by launching the first aircraft carrier that it built itself, reports Christopher Bodeen of ABC News. He claims that, being its second aircraft carrier, after a Ukraine-built one, this demonstrates China’s growing technological prowess. It is a big step in a long plan that China has to assert its influence over the South-China Sea and push out the US and its allies, infers Bodeen. The recent tension in the region between China and the US make this development all the more significant. This reflects China’s growing status as a power that can match the US economically and militarily, suggests Bodeen.

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Although China’s navy is advancing, it still pales in comparison to the naval might of the US, writes Julia Hollingsworth for Business Insider. In fact, the US has 10 aircraft carriers in service compared to China’s two, in addition to over 75 years of carrier aviation experience. With the most powerful military and by far the largest navy in the world, the US is still much further ahead of China, she claims. China only has around 4% of the US’s naval capability, estimates Hollingsworth. She believes that while China will try to portray its aircraft launch as a major breakthrough and a challenge to American dominance, it is not quite as significant.

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