Comey was legally and morally right to leak

He was wrong and should be prosecuted

 Getty: Drew Angerer / Staff

Leaking for freedom. Trump’s lawyer hinting that ex-FBI Director James Comey deserves prosecution is factually and morally incorrect, claims the Washington Post's Stephen M. Kohn. Whistleblowers are a pillar of democracy that keep a government accountable to its people, even if it has to be compelled. Past whistleblowers have exposed poor and dangerous handling of situations that, by becoming public, resulted in better decision-making. There's a big difference between leaking sensitive and classified information; the former is not a criminal offense. Comey exposed nothing that was top secret, acting entirely within his rights.

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Undermining the president. Former FBI Director James Comey was unauthorized to leak his communications with the press, which Trump and his lawyer, Marc Kasowitz, will try to get him prosecuted for, reports Jordan Fabian of The Hill. Comey was wrong to share this information with the public. Trump and his team have denied Comey’s allegations, insinuating that he lied about the president’s behavior. To them, this is a further example of the barrage of resistance that the president faces on an almost daily basis. Kasowitz called on authorities to figure out the legal precedent under which Comey can be investigated.

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