Should Congress protect Mueller’s Investigation?

It must ensure the probe is completed

This isn't necessary and would be wrong

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Robert Mueller’s investigation into whether Trump’s campaign cooperated with Russia to influence the 2016 presidential election is exceptionally important. Congress must ensure that it is brought to its end to find out the full truth, holds the USA Today editorial board. President Trump asked for ex-FBI head James Comey’s loyalty, requested that he go easy on Michael Flynn and then fired him. Trump then publicly stated that he had done so because of the Russia investigation and said this had “taken off… great pressure.” This and other behavior has indicated that he may have something to hide. It is in bipartisan interest to allow Mueller to finish his probe and expose what really happened.

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Besides being unnecessary, Congress protecting Robert Mueller’s probe into alleged Russian election interference would be unconstitutional, assert National Review’s editors. If President Trump did fire the Special Counsel to hide collusion with Russia, Congress would remove him from office. Little indicates that this is the case, however. The president and his team have been cooperating with the investigation. His early frustration was understandable. It mainly stemmed from former FBI head James Comey not telling the public what he told him: that Trump wasn’t a suspect. Even though the president could have ended Mueller’s investigation, he hasn't. There is no need for Congress to protect the Special Counsel.

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