Could Trump Be Impeached?

Trump is in hot water over Cohen's plea

Trump being impeached is highly unlikely

 Getty: Sean Gallup / Staff

While far from certain, the Michael Cohen plea deal has strongly raised the possibility of President Trump being impeached, holds Chris Cillizza of CNN. Cohen testified that he was instructed by the president to make payments to two women he had affairs with to ensure they wouldn’t tell the public. As this happened right before the 2016 election and wasn’t reported, it violated campaign finance laws. Robert Mueller’s investigation is likely to shed more light on what exactly happened here. Details he reveals will strongly affect public opinion on whether impeachment is necessary. Trump broke the law, and while an indictment is unlikely, impeachment is less so.

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President Trump being impeached is unlikely, believes Martin Kettle of The Guardian. In order for it to happen, Democrats would need to take over both Congress and the Senate during the midterms, as Republicans are unlikely to vote to impeach. While the former is possible, taking over the Senate is not a big possibility, as the GOP has a strong hold on it. Impeachment has become a political process rather than a legal one. Democrats would be best served by not pursuing it, as it could allow Trump to portray himself as a victim and unite large parts of the country behind him. They will likely pursue getting him out of the White House by voting him out in 2020.

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