Is the DACA program good or bad for America?

DACA benefits the whole country

It's bad & spurs illegal immigration

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DACA is good for America. Reasons for stopping the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program are flawed and ignore the many downsides and immense human cost that doing so would have, infers Wayne A. Cornelius of the LA Times. The theory that immigrant children will ‘self-deport’ is erroneous. Undoing DACA would merely push them underground, a huge loss for them and the country as a whole. This would hurt their earning potential and job security as well as the taxes they could contribute to the economy. Having these individuals thrive and contribute to society is a benefit to the whole country.

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DACA is highly flawed and needs to be ended. All moral immigration arguments aside, DACA’s introduction was unconstitutional; these decisions should be taken by Congress and no one else, argues Hans von Spakovsky in The Hill. When Obama introduced the program, he was making a decision that wasn’t his to make, which is why President Trump should abolish DACA. It reflects the US government’s failure to enforce its immigration laws, allowing those who came here illegally to stay. Besides encouraging more illegal immigration, such policy-making makes a mockery of the law and the many immigrants that came legally.

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