Are Democrats right to fight against gerrymandering?

Democrats right to seek better voting laws

They're shunning rules for political gain

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The current U.S. political state-mapping system is strongly stacked against Democratic voters due to gerrymandering by Republicans, which must be changed, writes Eric H. Holder Jr. in the Chicago Tribune. States like Wisconsin are set up in a way that makes certain votes more valuable than others. What this results in is Republicans getting more representatives even though the total amount of votes leans against them. It is highly necessary to re-evaluate the way that voter blocks are currently divided up in order to ensure that democracy is upheld. Unfortunately, Republicans are fighting to maintain the status quo that strongly benefits them.

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Democratic lawmakers appealing to the Supreme Court to label Wisconsin’s legislative map unconstitutional is an attempt to help themselves politically while undermining Republican votes, holds Matt Walter of Real Clear Politics. The fact of the matter is that the state’s Democratic voters cluster in cities like Milwaukee and Madison while Republican voters are spread across the rest of the state. This makes them perform better in the majority of the state’s voting districts. What it comes down to is the U.S. having a system that benefits the winner. Democrats are just trying to give themselves a political advantage, not following rules or precedent.

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