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Did Joe Biden Do Well At The 2021 G7 Meeting?

He was much too weak on China

Biden led the G7 with integrity

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The 2021 G7 summit was marred by weakness, asserts Liz Peek of Fox News. As news surfaced that COVID-19 likely emerged from a Chinese laboratory, this was the time to call the country out. Still, President Joe Biden adopted the softest of tones, refusing to meaningfully challenge China. Its incompetence and lies had a big hand in COVID's ravaging of the world, yet nothing was done to hold it accountable. Biden is likely motivated by his political backers who have too many financial incentives to hamper any trade with China. When a strong, united response was needed, the G7 and Biden focused on aid to third-world countries. This was another victory for China.

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President Joe Biden's presence at the 2021 G7 meeting was a breath of fresh air, reports Kevin Liptak of CNN. France's Macron and Germany's Merkel offered clear praise of his leadership and cooperation, a positive in their eyes compared to his predecessor. Biden held close talks with allies and signaled that the US is on the same page as them. Strong statements towards China were made, and although Biden would have liked to have gone further, European leaders were hesitant to do so. Furthermore, a united pledge to provide 1 billion vaccines to poorer countries was a needed effort in the fight against COVID-19. Biden perfectly encapsulated US values at the G7 meeting.

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