Did Trump Say The Right Things During His UN Speech?

He is alienating America's key allies

He called out other countries' misdeeds

 Getty: Drew Angerer / Staff

Donald Trump’s second UN speech was characterized by a populist narrative and skewed priorities, suggests Michael Knigge of Deutsche Welle. He hit out at the international community and America’s trade allies, criticizing the globalist order that has long benefited America. Russia, which has interfered in Syria, meddled in America’s election and led a poison attack on British soil, was spared of meaningful criticism. His decision to only send foreign aid to friendly countries undoes America’s value as a leader of morality and humanitarian action. This speech undermines U.S. influence and hacks away at its network of allies that keep it at the top.

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President Trump’s UN speech was a justified flexing of U.S. muscles, outlining his foreign policy goals and calling out the countries that have undermined America, believes Harry J. Kazianis of The Hill. He focused on nations that have been acting in hostile ways, such as Iran, North Korea and China. Particularly the latter, which has distorted the international market at a cost to America. Trump showed his authority, which was highly refreshing after past presidents who were far too laid back. He isn’t afraid to apply as much pressure as is needed to the countries that oppose him. This shows the world that it needs to be on its toes as America means business.

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