Does Social Media Favor or discriminate against Conservatives?

It discriminates against conservatives

It helps conservatives recruit millennials

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Social media in general and YouTube in particular disproportionately discriminate against conservative news and websites. While bias has been reported to affect Google, Facebook and Twitter algorithms, which seem to favor and highlight left-wing search results, YouTube has been accused of demonetizing conservative videos, holds Ben Shapiro in National Review. For instance, Prager University, a non-profit organization that makes and posts conservative-leaning videos, claims that YouTube has prevented it from accepting advertisements on a handful of explanatory videos and uses a restricted mode filtering to prevent certain viewers from seeing their video content. Social media’s bias censoring of conservative content makes America more polarized.

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Social media, and YouTube specifically, have become efficient channels for conservatives to reach and convert millennials. The biggest beneficiary is Prager University, a conservative online video portal. According to Mark Oppenheimer in Mother Jones, following the 2016 presidential election, the organization's 5-minute video about the electoral college grew in the span of two weeks from 850,000 views to 50 million. In fact, since 2012, PragerU has posted nearly 300 similar conservative-leaning videos on social media that have collected over 1 billion views, nearly 700 million in 2017 alone. Such numbers suggest that social media, specifically YouTube, has provided a welcoming platform for conservatives to sync their messages and videos to what's trending in the news and push them to millennials.

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