Does The Extreme Cold Wave Contradict Global Warming?

Freezing conditions put global warming in doubt

Cold winters happen in tandem with climate change

 Getty: Scott Olson / Staff

The record-breaking cold wave currently sweeping over the US contradicts theories that the world is getting warmer, believe Tom Harris and Tim Ball of PJ Media. Certain groups have tried to spread worries that the globe is getting warmer to suit their interests. To fit this narrative, they now prefer the term “global warming” to “climate change.” Still, these arctic conditions indicate that the planet is regulating itself, a process that took place long before humans existed. Warming or cooling temperatures don’t immediately mean that humans are dooming the planet. They are part of the Earth’s natural cycle. Note: While The Perspective cannot account for the scientific claims made by this author we felt that it was necessary to share this perspective, which represents how a large portion of America views the issue.

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The extreme cold temperatures that the US is experiencing do not disprove climate change, writes James Rainey of NBC News. While Donald Trump and Rush Limbaugh have claimed that the weather conditions contradict global warming, these assertions are not based on scientific fact. There is a consensus among the scientific community that humans are affecting the planet’s temperatures with excessive greenhouse gasses. This increases everything from heat waves and wildfires to extreme cold in winter. Earth, as a whole, is experiencing warmer conditions across the year. This drop doesn't change that.

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