Was Donald Trump Junior’s Russian lawyer meeting legal?

Trump Junior broke the law

He acted well within his rights

 Getty: John Moore / Staff

The president’s son, Donald Trump Junior, committed a federal crime by meeting a lawyer with ties to the Russian government, implies Zack Beauchamp of Vox. Current evidence indicates that he knew he was meeting someone close to a foreign government who would give him compromising information about Hillary Clinton. Soliciting such a contribution violates campaign finance law, even if the information wasn’t provided, as Trump Junior alleges. The exchange of emails and the meeting taking place are evidence enough to incriminate him. Trump Junior illegally tried to involve the Russian government in the U.S. election.

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No laws were broken by Donald Trump Junior in his harmless meeting with a Russian attorney, argues James Robbins for USA Today. While he may have been tempted by a promise on information about Hillary Clinton, that was still within his rights. Any journalist would have done the same. What is significant is that no sensitive information was discussed; they talked about adoption laws between Russia and America. The lawyer may in fact have had ties to Democrats and arranged the meeting to fan the flame of rumors about the White House’s ties to Russia. Trump Junior never broke the law in meeting the Russian attorney.

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