Do DREAMers deserve to stay in the U.S.?

'Dreamers' serve American society

They're illegal with no right to stay

 Getty: John Moore / Staff

American society, specifically its health care sector, strongly benefits from having ‘Dreamers.' These illegal immigrants covered by DACA are a vital part of the American Medical Association (AMA) and contribute in providing essential healthcare, reveals Kevin B. O’Reilly of the AMA Wire. There is already a shortage of skilled doctors in the U.S., which DACA recipients are alleviating. Their hard labour helps save American lives. ‘Dreamers’ are more likely to work in high-need communities. Sending them away would end up wasting the investment that the AMA made with the hopes of adding much-needed doctors to its ranks.

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Putting ‘Dreamers’ first unjustly ignores the many jobless Americans and long list of legal immigrants that would benefit from the same opportunities, argues Michelle Malkin of Real Clear Politics. Maintaining DACA rewards illegal immigrants, while penalizing those who are trying to come here by the book. Million of Americans can’t find jobs. U.S. society should prioritize its own citizens as well as law-abiding immigrants. DACA was unconstitutional to begin with and goes against the rule of law. The American system should decide who gets to come in, not the other way around. ‘Dreamers’ don’t deserve to stay.

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