How good is Theresa May’s decision to hold elections again for the UK?

UK elections promise economic benefits

They'll push the UK into political turmoil

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Theresa May’s decision to hold a new UK election on June 8 promises growth for the British economy, implies Ben Chu of the Independent. He points out that the Pound reached its highest value against the Dollar in five months after May’s words. The election will most likely pit May and the Tory party against Jeremy Corbyn, the leader of the Labour party. Chu speculates that the Pound’s rise came because of the latter’s current weak position in British politics, which will likely give May an edge. He theorizes that May gaining the Tories more seats in parliament will allow her to manage Brexit in a way that is beneficial to the UK economy.

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May’s call for new elections is a power grab that will polarize British politics and reap instability, writes Anne Perkins of the Guardian. She calls it a political maneuver to increase May’s power rather than a move to better the lives of Britons. Furthermore, it has increased the likelihood of Scotland exiting the union. By trying to increase the Tories’ majority in parliament, May will cut the Labour party out of dialogues in Brexit decision-making, rather than working to find common ground with them, infers Perkins. In her opinion, this will tarnish relations between the two parties and hurt Britain as a whole.

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