Is Hope Hicks’ Resignation Bad For Trump?

Hicks leaving is a major blow to Trump

This happens often and isn't that special

 Getty: Chip Somodevilla / Staff

With the resignation of White House communications director Hope Hicks, President Trump is left with few allies that he can really trust in the capital, infers Edward-Isaac Dovere of Politico. Her departure is reflective of the mass exodus of staff, some more competent, some less, that the Trump administration has overseen. Hicks was in the former group, and a person the president could trust. Leaks and backstabbing have infested his government causing a thick mist of distrust to hang around the White House. Compared to past administrations, this one is disjointed. The Russia investigation is turning on the heat in ways that will make Trump miss Hicks.

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While surprising, Hope Hicks leaving as White House communications director is not as unique or catastrophic as some may claim, argues Perry Bacon Jr. of Five Thirty Eight. It is natural for someone in her position to seek new challenges. She worked under President Trump for almost three years in positions that, while exciting, were also very intense. A change of faces could be a good thing for the Trump administration. It is unlikely that Hicks left on bad terms with the president. She didn't craft policy like John Kelly does. His resignation would be far more significant. Obama had five different communications directors, and it’s normal for there to be a turnover.

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