How Likely Is Peace With North Korea?

Huge steps are being made

Peace still remains a long shot

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President Trump made historic progress in his unprecedented face-to-face meeting with North Korea's Kim Jong-un, reports Mark Landler of The New York Times. The talks in Singapore were a large step forward in better relations with the regime. Given that the two leaders were previously threatening each other with nuclear weapons over Twitter, this kind of reconciliation was unthinkable only months ago. Trump has even communicated that nuclear disarmament is being discussed. While big gains are unlikely to be made in the short term, the dialogue with North Korea sets the stage for peaceful relations instead of the tension and rivalry that has existed for decades.

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Recent developments regarding North Korea may have been overblown by the media, but they are far from solid and meaningful peace, holds Michael Brendan Dougherty of National Review. The regime building successful intercontinental missiles is the spine of its recent leverage, and it is unlikely to give that up cheaply. Important is also the split in the Trump administration, where John Bolton is highly wary of yielding anything to North Korea. The regime is likely using the summit to gain itself additional clout. With military power to ward off other countries, Kim Jong-un is able to make bigger demands than ever. Real peace with North Korea is still a very far cry.

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