Is the Iran Nuclear deal working?

We should stop Iran Nuclear Deal

Actually, it serves its purpose

 Getty: Majid Saeedi / Stringer

The Iran Nuclear Deal was extremely favorable towards the Middle Eastern nation and went against the interests of the United States, holds John R. Bolton for The Hill. Even though the deal was already highly lenient Iran has violated in several ways. Even worse its government has been in contact with that of North Korea, having a dialogue about nuclear weapons programs. Such transgressions should no longer be tolerated. The Deal has failed to make anyone safer and only puts further lives at risks by enabling Iran. It should be scrapped and replaced with sober policies that guarantee security for everyone.

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Since its introduction the Iran Nuclear Deal has achieved its goal, namely limiting the Iranian creation of weapons of mass destruction, assert Philip Gordon and Richard Nephew in The Atlantic. Had it not been put in place, Iran might have been dangerously close to building nuclear missiles. Critics of the deal vouch for tougher sanctions to pressure Iran into abandoning its program, but these have not had any effect in the past. Rex Tillerson even agreed that Iran was following the rules of the deal. Its purpose was also to get Iran closer to the international community through trade. The Iran Nuclear Deal has been effective.

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