Is America A Racist Country?

Systemic racism is still thriving

The US offers equality to everyone


America's founding was entrenched with racism that the country has yet to fully untangle itself from, suggests Charles Blow of The New York Times. While the country has improved a lot in this regard, it is still plagued by deep systemic racism, which is manifested in criminal justice, education and medical systems. American racism became less blunt but it remains highly insidious, especially when it comes to systemic racism. The legacy of slavery and the Civil War to uphold it still cast a dark shadow over the US. Being founded on such naked bigotry is a stain that will take more time to fully cleanse from the nation's fabric.

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America is not a systematically racist country, asserts Liam Smith of The Falcon. It upholds a series of crucial laws and provisions, from the Constitution to the Bill of Rights, that ensure equality for all. This is backed up by the fact that the two top median income earners by ethnicity are Indian and Taiwanese Americans. The US rewards hard work and allows anyone to rise up with it, no matter their skin color. Barack Obama, Kanye West and LeBron James are great examples of this. The free-market nature of this country allows anyone to succeed, no matter where they come from or how little money they have; all it takes is hard work.

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