Is It Unconstitutional For Trump To Block People On Twitter?

This decision twists the Constitution

All citizens have the right to be heard

 Getty: Win McNamee / Staff

A federal judge ruling that President Trump is not allowed to block users on Twitter is ridiculous, believes Bre Payton of The Federalist. While everyone has the clear right to express their opinion, that doesn’t guarantee them an audience. This case was born from some journalists wanting to feature among the replies to Trump's tweets. The notion that one loses access to the president’s Twitter communications after having been blocked by him is incorrect. Most of his tweets are covered by national news and can be found all over the internet. Many people that don’t use the social networking service are still very much in the loop with what Trump says.

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Twitter is a public forum; by blocking users whose views he disagrees with President Trump is impeding on their right to free speech, asserts Maya Kosoff of Vanity Fair. It is because of this that a New York judge deemed him blocking people on Twitter unconstitutional. Every citizen has the right to appeal to the government to change its behavior. Twitter’s prominence, as one of the president’s main tools of communication, means blocking people cuts them off from an important national conversation. Trump is a public official and should not be seeking to mute the voices of citizens that happen to be critical of him, even when it happens on Twitter.

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