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Is John Bolton’s Book Worth The Hype?

It's full of posturing and hot air

It is deeply revealing about Trump

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John Bolton's book seems more about fulfilling his personal vendettas rather than revealing anything important to the public, holds Ben Domenech of The Federalist. It consistently portrays him in a positive light while making President Trump and everyone else in the White House look bad. Almost every anecdote results with him on top. When conflicts emerge, the result is almost always that Bolton was right and his colleagues should have listened to him earlier. Self-righteous and unreflective, this book doesn't offer much else other than a parting shot at the people he worked with. Most of his statements should be taken with a grain of salt.

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John Bolton offers society a clear insight into the flawed leadership of President Trump, believes Chris Cillizza of CNN. What emerges more than anything else is how the president does his job without any guiding principles or strategies. The primary focus is so often what the optics are for himself, rather than the interest of the country. Trump's meeting with Kim Jong-un was one such example, offering the US no tangible benefit while giving him an opportunity to look like a statesman. Trump has a very flexible belief system; he will bend and adapt to do what suits him best. While this worked in his old life, it has no place in the White House.

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