Is NATO Obsolete?

NATO is obsolete

NATO still matters

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President Trump’s criticism of NATO’s relevance is valid. History shows that in geopolitics, alliances – and the cause that brings them together – change over time, argues Harry J. Kazianis in Fox News, who adds that as NATO was created in 1949, it is only natural that America and its European NATO partners should embark on a new, yet friendly, relationship. This is especially true since the reason NATO was formed, to defend against the Soviet Union, is no longer valid today. Instead, NATO has become a military alliance looking for a mission since today’s Russia is not the same superpower or threat that the former Soviet Union posed. Plus, America spending more to protect NATO members than they do themselves also raises questions about America’s role in NATO and the role of NATO itself.

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Despite President Trump’s remarks calling NATO obsolete, the NATO summit in Brussels is important, as there still exist threats to European security. While he has repeatedly questioned the value of the military alliance between the US, Canada and European countries, NATO still matters even almost 70 years later, argues Sean Illing in Vox. While Russia is not the Soviet Union, it continues to engage in strategies aimed at trying to undermine European unity. As such, NATO is the strongest buffer to halt Russia’s attempts to interfere in the domestic political systems of its member countries. Also, NATO is what keeps the US engaged in Europe. If NATO dissolves or the US pulls out, Europe could become less stable. This should matter to America as the EU is America’s top trading partner.

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