Is It Right to Overturn Roe v. Wade?

This is a welcome development

Abortion is a core human right

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Roe v. Wade was enacted in an unconstitutional manner, asserts Timothy Carney of the Washington Examiner. Many legal scholars, even liberal ones, agree that its implementation was deeply flawed. The Constitution does not entail a right to abortion, and Roe v. Wade stretched the law to do so, using a loosely defined "right of privacy." Enacting such legislation should be done in step with the Constitution and this decision simply wasn't. Democrats have resorted to all sorts of anger and veiled threats as Roe v. Wade's doomed future became clear. They know that they cannot uphold it on a Constitutional basis and resort to behavior that is unhealthy for democracy.

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The Supreme Court's decision to undo Roe v. Wade is a disaster for women's rights, argues Moira Donegan of The Guardian. Unlike enforcing people to pay taxes, forcing women to carry out pregnancies is a decree over what they can and cannot do with their bodies, removing their autonomy over their own organs. It is a profound violation of their human dignity and flies in the face of personal freedoms. In the many years since the Constitution was written, Americans have embraced new rights as inalienable: the right to gay marriage and the right to not be criminalized for gay sex. The right to an abortion is just as central to our democracy and should not be dismissed.

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